A S H A  O  F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


DATE: JUNE 25, 2007

"Twins...The slight ones...of a nature of being small. The ones of a foretold past.
The likes of which will be seen again in the fall. The gates having already
been shut twice, we endeavor to build acquaintanceship again in
industrial fields as a mighty ongoing river bends to make a profit
for the beings who live alongside it.

We make small cairns beside it. We develop
a philosophy of being - a dimensional quality of designed plan. We spring from
the almighty ones of times past - those who ventured here from above.

The mighty ones brought forth a design for bringing obstacles into play,
to unite the forlorn. We bring ugly meteors (meters?) into design of wealth (welsh?).

Fabricated a longshoresman a worthy "scaren" (sp?) for domestication.
We inhabited a place of dimensions small. We communicate with
mighty dimensions by bringing air into our lungs twice and resonating
it (moans, whistles, the like).

(An event:) Intelligent beings did wrap it up a bit. We bring news
of delayed proceedings of town's marshalls being delivered.
We bring excellent news. He was apprehended at once and
begins reparations for his misdeeds - the one that had a hand in the delivery.


Along the coast of one ugly butte on the left side of a
mirror (sp?). Pfalzgraf or Falstaff. (?Danube?-ed)


Apparently a long time ago. We fell between a bridge -
a kind of ferrying device for passing over friends. Likely a
candidate for destruction.

Were you one of the Jewish Priests referenced?

No. Nomenclature ends. We were the Farends (firends?-sp?)

Were there many of you?

Bands. We lived in units, like the twins.
We became like them. They despised us. We were a
little bit negative toward them from time to time. We had services
we delivered. We "brood."

Who or what were the twins?

A likeness of the god (Jehovah?-ed). He bred them
to look like his sons. In a glass (shephard?) so that quantities
could be taken inside and a delight
had in splitting them apart at the middle.

From where did he come?

A velvet start on a stair or ladderway. An underground
development - forlorn of being.
Establishment was made silvery by the twining of the cord. They made
many. He was likely one of them. From a country far away.
We had it understood that the encampment was likely a normal one
of a nature fallen. From (sounds like) Donahue or Dun-a-hu
We established a timetable for
bringing up hordes of substance below. Encampment was largely due
to the substance. A sort of evolutionary digestive particle. It allows the forging (foraging).

Are there any of you on Earth today in bodies?

A little more. In tubes. We make miracle and live.
Under the hemisphere...Analexis (sp?). Sobriety. Forthwith we
gave him the device for making us smaller to begin. Then he (driver) took
it to work the (mines?miracles?) Davenport. Analexis(sp?). Place."



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