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Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now



"Yearning for understanding. It lives on mountainous growth - peaks today (flashing forward to today's world in this reference)...Until the very young have hatched and then goes by itself for winter. It has very little to do with (the young) once it is delivered. Notorious for this. Once it was in a type of lab...understood its consequences by leaving it. Sky...Norse. Tallest ones leave it, teaming. They were bred for northern regions. Acquired habits long ago that see them diminish. Found? Russell did find them once...He was found with his head bashed in. Acquiring grapes. He slid down to find them there. Heard nothing. Then suddenly one of them erupted out of silence. They can think and hide. They can love and be taught the gentleness. They are still behind...

The one has a square face, downy like his cousins, sisters (females). They match - he doesn't know now - they acquire a hood, square jaw. They bite - be careful. Nose has features like a (cat?cow?). Distinguishing feature is hands. Small, planar, rounded a bit at the edge. Fingers are two and thumb, yes. (ed. Possibly a "nail".) Do they speak? They sing a bit - high - at times. Leaves shake. Eggs are small, dusky, two. A couplet.

They are bred completely here on Earth. The ones of above had hands to make them strong and hard.

Isotope lab. Flying high above brings time together for a change and we fly low. Torrents bring us down together. We fly in, but land crookedly, aflutter. One brings it down a bit, but we...the ceiling breaks. We are in trouble here. He looks. Establishment brings order to the situation. We are dying here. We number only some of us in the interim. The forest mends. We are not allowed to go farther for it is indulgent to think one can bring an end to this suffering. We mend a bit, go on down the hill. They are trying to understand our situation. The signs are established. We make them.

Gravity bends....

We make it to seem understanding. We forage a bit. Twist and turn. Efforts are made to bring us up. The craft spins out of control. We sink further (apparently they were sinking down the mountain toward the beach - ed.). I am alive because we make it to shore a bit later. We came from ...sun... (possible reference to a place beyond the sun or near it-ed.) We came from a land far away. Density disturbed. Frontal variance. We landed by ourselves after a long journey but sank because our ... were full.

Could the ship fly in the air? It could. We used a hybrid propellant - enough fuel for a liqueous substance you could dilute once again. It was composed of that substance we cannot tell for now, as it brings hostility once it is...You use a substance refined. We do not. Ours is air controlled a bit.

When the lab crashed, the escape...the wood. Whelped and warped and we bring it down. The crash? Must be millions of years ago....We tumbled here. That's for sure. Sky pilot says we must have stumbled before we fall...We were journeying to a place far away - a score of planets away from here, at least - by ship, by variance of plan unique. 50 million miles? Of course, at least...Quark. A substance of fuel deliverance....from point of entry to new sphere. The ancestors of "man" were not apes, but reptiles. Giganticus" (sp)

Personal file: Followup in field report 2007

Site status as of October 6, 2007:

"We find the brilliance of it in the fact that vestiges remain unseen under the tent. Brook.

Perimeter of isolated arctic location. The tank. One glance will tell you he's frightened. Another will tell you he's dead. Who killed him? The one above now. Cyclades (more later on this).

They shot a missile type projection. Buried him fast, under another to preserve the species for a time. (Taiwanese there today?) Dungeon. Under an ice shelf."

Site coordinates on separate sheet. NOTE: N90.14.44 W7.00 & others. Followup: Connection Taiwanese and Polar Region. Connection paleo West Africa/Brazil bridge-rift. Connection ancient Wangan and Guang. Connection: Bigfoot.(aka Yetti and Sasquatch). Connection: Ancient-Modern extraterrestrial-human interaction: evidence. Connection: Earth-immediate.




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