A S H A  O  F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S

POSSIBLE TIMELINE: _____________

"The likes of which you will know, for we will tell you now.

Enemies alight. You must know it, because radiant energy emits
trinitrons of an ampisphere unlike any other. We will try to explain. Let go of
divergent energies, as this will align the factor of behavior. Molecules descend
from a polymer foundation to a tree-like structure - fibroidous molecules. Radiant
energy descends. Structures are broken within. As with the end times, you must
be very careful, for to dilute it, you triple its value or power. Avenues of descent
are broken. We are fixing alignments ('What is happening? Are we going down?')

Vehicles descend, bringing with them a mixture to be transported elsewhere.
Burial exists. You know...you were there...slept through it.

If the fielding is complete, we will continue...

Left to our own devices, we left a chamber behind. You will see it
behind you when you look - the long, cylindrical one (note: clear container with bubbling solution inside).

Emptiness is a sound. Gallons of trifornian phosphatic acuterium (sp?) were poured
all over us, glaciating us, so to speak. We were formed.

Atmospheric designs have it that we must talk in spurts of energy. Corrupt
forces enabled us to send home the few in caskets (Wellington). Abysmal endings.
The journey home took two weeks. We remained, having been sent to experiment on the gaseous formations
of the housing units...even destroyed them.

A million years passed. We were left behind. The others were trapped
between dense masses of quarter hydrosphomene spheres and glacial amenities. They perished.

Those remaining were sent to flight headquarters for a briefing
on the logistics of arming the locals; an ungodly task. The residue of such destruction
is annihilation, seen as an inhibiting factor.

We were seen by others as having the capacity for understanding
life forms as never before. The threat lies within the structure. A balloon -
one false turn. Dangerously close to igniting the furnaces of what could only be called a

Inside the atmosphere is liquid. Sound remains.
The sound of that made by destruction. Enemies alight.
Fortitude necessary for this. They were you. Left behind a
courtesan(sp). We were like little boys next to you. Enemies descend, promises broken.
Amplitude resounds...let's continue...

The fortitude of the destruction lasted several weeks -
horizon to horison. As enemies alight, we are cought sleeping. A magnitude
of thrust suspended by a fortnight. Girdles are ridden
with fear. The enemy spoke of this. Hardly had we arrived when it was time to go. You will see
the events unfold. Sorry events of a nature
unwarranted in destruction.
For within lies a structure of fortune. Heavy laden.
Burdened with the riddles of humanity. Thick skinned. Burdened with
the responsibility of knowing the rest. For within lies the structure. Within lies the remnant.
Scales. Sounds within are deafening. Given their own devices,
the forces of nature will destruct, not build. For we learned that.
Within lies the structure...

Restitution is impossible. The sound alone would
take a million years to...An enemy lies in the walls of your mind (mine?),
left by your own undoing. Left by the wallowing of a divisive nature.
Left by the breeding. Left by the ones of your own hand. Forces within are gathering.

Ever before this has happened. One of the finest transmissions of sound
ever accomplished was in the space mission Hollister invented. A turn of events
brings us closer to the truth. We were hoping to bring down the others. Forces
are better arranged.

Give yourself the luxury of a million years before the task
is complete. Burdened with such responsibilities, we failed.
Left behind to our own devices, we perished under fire from astute will.
We cannot survive here long, as long as you. Astute will is over-ridden.

There were three groups of enemies on hand - you, the others, and me. Yes, me.
I outlasted the others because of a radionic hemispheric device left behind.

In the end we will all perish, you and I, under the astute
will of another, lesser-known species of humans. We will die because we know
what it takes to live under a regime of terror, brought on by our own devices.

The patient ones lie in wait with their stories...We will continue...."

(Completely different scene and character: "One winter, we were having a casket made for
a friend, while some furniture was being shipped from the city -
fine stuff of a nature notwithstanding the heat. Burial occurred...")



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