A S H A  O  F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S


DATE: 1999
POSSIBLE TIMELINE: _____________

"Before the start of this, we must begin to be aware of the first times
knowledge was given, of the times before this when all was given of before...

The mist. We can begin with the mist of morning
on the swamp. Few of us remain to tell the tale. We are few
between us of a time before this when there were secrets of a consequential nature.
We shook the world, all of us. You will know soon.

Evidences emerge from within of a culture known in it that is
known from a time past. The ones of the spoken tell again.
(Orange hair?...)

Enchanted and betrayed...and in the end we will perish,
you and I under the astute will of another race
of beings giant in proportion to us, known as the elite of the day.
Aswan calls, but we finish. Cairo dreams.
Elephant plunges. Death declines. Arms are thrown; we whisper
Armageddon and are betrayed to the throne. If we could begin
to tell this all would be ridden with fear.
Jealousy emerges. Torches are taken.

...Even after the plague, there remain those who cannot
distinguish themselves from the masses. Must separate them. Which plague?
Of the roses. Burn. After the fire which destroyed the others and
burnt down the fortress we held within....

Yes, there are genetic differences between the two.
Underwent a journey to account for the distant breeding of twins.

...Flesh and form betrayed of beauty and of spirit betrothed,
of consequence forged and night(knight?) abandoned; of differences weighed,
emergent frequencies carried aloft a twin flame. Abandoned one in
the presence of another to be able to fulfill the destiny. Without,
would not accomplish the prerogative of oneness of species.

...We have moved the date to the 6th because the harmonocity
(sp) is withstanding. __ gave us airborne messages; gave warnings
unaided by others; we are driving unbrigaded fetchens (sp) or
whimsical ties.

Covenants exist. They always have. That which is brought to you exists
in time and dwelling. Wait until the bridge collapses. On the 5th before
will be rain. Entrance to the world below must be achieved through
certain treatises. Be attuned. Enemies exist. We alight because he and the others
are always there (Birmingham?).

Better begin with the beginnings. See, we were stranded here,
you know. All of us. Seven after the fall. Between us and you,
we were given many accomplishments. Many of a given nature metal. Variable intensities
left us with driven desires. We were left behind here after the others
left because there were certain conditions to be met. Eventually
we died. But we gave you three things:
hunting, muling, and giving birth to twins. And the
enemies of us were the given. Anguishes. The boats. We were driven home
by our ancestors after the rain (reign?). Problems exist
between us that prevent further understanding.

We were held back once...a matter of being
empty arms.

Elements remain. Swartzkraanz (South Africa?ed.)
The evacuation took place quickly."



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