A S H A  O  F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S

DATE: MARCH 19, 1994
POSSIBLE TIMELINE: _____________

"It began twenty centuries anon when I was a boy, just twenty leagues
below manhood, wearing a jacket of plume feathers aloft
a winged vehicle manned only by myself and two winged creatures.
Winds aloft a plain of perished pansies drifting for
crescent, spurred aloft on jasper whispers. Then a fragrant spilling of
forgetfulness given only to those of the Nan(non?) (Norn?).

We were twenty. Spurious, graceful as pigeons after a
wanton meal. Arthur was among us then, given to all sorts of faithless devotions.
Stubborn of gait, crawling with vicissitudes, armed and ready for all
manner of conquest. We will define.

Those who would give this story are of a blood of a thousand
whores. Warriors and patriots, children of a thousand whores.

The desert below became for us a delegation of frenetic activity upon which we swore never
to reveal its actions or plays. One by one these actions destroyed us, mankind;
while aloft we were virgins, heroes, givers of life and bread and avarice,
the likes of the fallen victories in shame lifted to cerebral vaultiness. Ravens
swarmed, the victors given their bread, crushed with the loss of virginity.

She will tell you, you know. That princess of the light, Princess Ann
of York. Gavin. Plenitudes (sp) of armor. Laces of bandits. Morals of many.
Avenues of descent broken. Our mothers once were virgins of the choir. Anyone could
see that. Jealousy emerges when one must play with reversed motion. Given that
within, we will tell.

He came with such light. Many of us were taken from our homes.
Sparks flew. Fires arose. He spoke with such brilliance, eloquence, romance.
A squire unrobed, but a god withall. We were romanced, entranced. None but would
give his life for his noble cause, the fruit of the womb. But, we digress...

One must see the picture emerging of genocide. All in the wishes of a few men.
Pontius Pilot was blamed but many before him had done it.
Broken hearts must pay for this, you see. Once it is told, we may
proceed to die. But until then we must live...

A parallel is that drawn between similar events.
My mind reels with the parallels. Harper's and Lacy's, Grammillion and
Zanzibar, hurricane and lightning. We must see that, in the end, it is all the same.
Courses repeat and are ended similarly, with similar abandon, until at last all
courses are exhausted and, finally, thrown away. A lady's fine white cotton slip of
fine feather blowing on a windy day, a light laugh, pleasant surroundings - one must
wonder if this is the beginning or the end. For within us all
is a tempest, a fury, which demands quarter upon which to rest. When our hearts are
young, we do not encounter ourselves. It is only with age that occurrences begin to
relate to similar occurrences; that consequences seem tied to actions.

We are very old, my friend. Older than you think. We were there that
fine night when Virginia surrendered, when Rudolph died, when Churchill was exhumed, when
all was young again at the beginning of a century. We will tell you of our
remembrances. First, though, we mut tell you of our ends.

Night falls. We are one. You are us (same race, nationality, species, ancestry?).
The end must come quickly for we are within you. We do not mean to rush.
You have held on to us for many centuries, millennia, because of our actions together. Curtains.
You draw them near...If you take certain planes of high fragility and melt them, you have certainly
to destroy yourself. Weaknesses inherent to the system perish under
your astute will.

Soldiers of fortune, you might say. Winged ships
of gossamer beauty. Old enough to travel back to extinct civilizations.
Bent on a turn. You harbor us.

Many civilizations then. Solomon whispers. We will perish. We must perish. Soon we will
all perish. Flames. In the flames of iniquity, doom. All for the sake of...

Elephants roamed. Tortoises. The world was brighter then. It is darker now.
Atmospheric changes. Queen Elizabeth died when she was seventy-two. Two
predecessors to the thrown. It was clear that we could do nothing to save her. Outside of
it all were the forests with fine breads and soups. One must re-track
that which is over. All right then.

In the beginning, two people were laid down here to start a mission for a
group that was encountering difficulties on their own with survival. They were
laid down in the forests beneath a place of hot springs and oils which
smelled of perfume in the air. Their purpose was to test the air, to be come acclimated to the situation
and report back. We were tall, over six feet, two arms, two legs, large brains, antlers.
They were like us. They began foraging for signs. The atmosphere was too tight for us, the air too
thin. Samples were sent up. Bellies ached. The air swarmed. Bees moved about. Echoes were heard of thunder.
We made the decision to leave them there, a trial run.
After a while we came back. We felt their heartache. But we could not find them.

Colonies sprung up. Field locations were made. Journeys to the hinterland.
Jungles. A fortress is held within. We perished. So, we came back in a time when
civilization had already begun on Earth. We came originally from a place
beyond _______, called (Sohun, Sun). It is _________ miles from the nearest
galaxy and ____________ miles from its sister planet (Gahun),
left over when two planets collided and sprang forth two sisters.
There were great hordes of leftover planet spewed everywhere until it fell
beneath the horizon.

Holocausts are many when we are around; we drive them.
After the planes(plains?) of death have gone hither, we find many a seam
of satisfaction deriven at any cost by the hungry.

You must understand that Walter (Walthar, Walther) is a brand of nomenclature
given for understanding, whilst Salem is discordant.

Joseph gave us the documents. He told us about the prisoners.
Persons held. Afghanistan. Second time. We came because we thought certain
likenesses would be there of an African kind. Twins. Born between 2 March and 5 December on
the train between Gloucester and Zanzibar. Of an inconsequential nature, carrying the documents.
Forged. Windsor was involved. Soldiers carrying escape gases for the troops. Eleven
children died. We were there. Morn Hutton (Mornhutton, Downhutton?) was one of them
that we know.

You will find many stories with the same ending: that which belongs
to the Master should return to them. We belong to the Master. The Master are
those who came before. Long before. Twenty centuries before twenty centuries
ago. Gunhedin (Dunedin?) We are the gods within.

After commerce the whole galleon was dispersed. We were
let to the guardians of Mantwerp for brigands (brigantes?).

We saw the difference between the two. One was a kind
of hemispheric destruction begun before the turn of the century. The other
was a moment of redemption for pallor, accomplished with the discordance
of hemispheric prerogatives. We were accomplishing a genocide without lifting a knife.

Some would call us ingrates because we did gain
so much as a result. But, because of this we lost tolerance and two species
of beings were completely destroyed. Yes, Earth. Twenty centuries before
twenty centuries ago, after the climax of Armageddon. You think it is to come.
We think it is passed. Before Armageddon, we had sidewalks and parks and there were those
who thought that their technology was the greatest. It was small. Very small.

Some statuesque, Spartan types became the leaders of a masquerade ending
in death, the likes of which go unrivaled. For it is herein
of we speak. Two (---) made with a magnitude of seven were exploded. One was
centered near the capital; one was in the Pacific. After the explosion,
we came out from underground tunnels to see that all was gone. Not only
all of the enemy, but all of us as well. We who had been prisoners became the victors
after a glorious war with no winning side. We could find no one alive to ask.
After weeks of walking, we found two glaciers, the first that did
not seem to be as poisonous as the rest. We were wrong and soon died. So, we came back...
again. Virtues go unrewarded for time. Quartermasters.

You see, Earth is repeating a cycle for twenty centuries
that began with the death of the death. Before the death, there were
50,000 years. Atmosphere was different then. Thicker and expansive, allowing the
breathing of finer liquids, for the taking of sustenance. The liquid was obtained
in a process called desynchronization, wherein two types were diluted into
each other with the use of sub-electrical fields, allowing he blending of
alternate gene types within gaseous formations - a kind of mind
blending that you could later drink.

This technology came from within. The culture originally
formed out of a crustal society evacuated on the formation of those left
here after the East Form Isolation Group left behind one isoform chamber. They
left to return to flight headquarters on Fountain Island, east of Guatemala.
New Hebrides was not new at the time, but part of a larger formation.
Decades will pass before you will see the formation of an end pattern this time."



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