A S H A  O  F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S

POSSIBLE TIMELINE: Days of "Albion," after development of Periplus

"The ancient ones... a tribe... O. We are dangerous. We employ devices small. We dwindle. Periples (plural form of periplus-ed.) Gorge. Svenka. Rational beings exist in units beyond the... caves - stored beneath would be delicate trepasses - units designed - sink. We employ marginal genesis. We divide. We find that time has been on for...

Dividing. Primiture (premature?). Funding. Units came twice from above. Had lifts. Twilight. Brem (Brim?) Years BP? We haven't established a table for it - must be hundreds by our standards (thousands?)

Brown. We had many types. Aren't many willing to see if we can be had. They are willing to shine for me. Language? We had a first. A broad one. Vocal sounds unlike any here. Orion (O'Ryan-?). We lived abroad many years dispersed. We lived... trees. Agriculture. Hibernians. Orion. A metric system designed for breeding one shorn. Ogles. Wood chimps. Quaan (Kwan?)de Loop (Lup?). Nut (Knut?) (sp?) Broadened leaves. We haven't the time of making... We haven't been there yet. Haven't the slightest...

Periples.(plural form of periplus -ed.) We have trifths (sp?) - a type of device stolen from within that lifts - elevates - a portion of the bridge. There are many there. Two under the bridge. Courses. There are many - why ask? We find that distance brings firmament. One twines it. Yuri has the bringing one. They were burgs (Bergs, Burghs, Burgs?). A triumphant return.

They were dynamic. Fetchem (fetch'em?). Beecham (beach'em?). They look normal to me. One would think me twain. Let's be honest. They will never be able to accomplish one without having made blue beginning.

We had antipathy for the rebellious, jealous abrogates of a weasel defensive. With mercury tossed, we'll hide. Kilo of genius, rare fortune. Definite cart of breathing apparatus and goods maternal soon to be administered. A breach (birth?) for birthing twins unique of surface. Units made Albion - ford (Ford) (Albion can be a term for the island of Great Britain-ed.). Linesrok of Woolch(sp?) Bestiary. Wording narrows."

After Time Has Passed

"Infertile. Child breeding necessary for this. We have here a figure - one of Long - remains given. Mercury finds the document a'hand:

Force field = 1
Gravity max. = 12
Give three shakes.
1 will remain
Let go.

A given mix, a blend. The Swedes. XII. After the one of noxious remains - Temple - given were the many who gave of themselves. We bred (horses?). I found the documents in a wooden table under the shaft. Fleece. We used it to make our brew. A flange. We were Brent. One died; another hit head. Two were present. (Dynamite? Or other explosion?-ed) Present. Had hands in it. I dunno if he brings it his-self.

Wool. We trade. He goes away. Next step, something shook beneath. We sway; sweat our palms. Liver up. One died. I made my way to his castle (Shrood, Shruud, Sh..rood?) We make presents to castle - juices and such, neat meats.

We took her - his bride - to his side to meet him the next week when inventory of herd. She makes acquaintance of friend, a herder. They love. She makes another. One would hand her this. She never cried. I won't go on. They never made it up.

Wear? Our breeches and hoods. Traveled too but never had a cleavance to perform shows. We are Locke (Lach, Lock, Lok, Lockiers?). Brent are harbored in the village as... castle owned by the red. We never make it. Our spires are spent. Swedish migrants hit hard after the break. The dairy... herds. Haven. We haven't... we are dead. Haamlich(sp?)


A young adult male (knight), medium blonde hair about chin-to-neck length which has a wave to it which turns under at the bottom. He is mounted on a horse with spear (javelin?) in hand on top of a grassy hill.

Spirit of blonde-haired knight:

"We couldn't swim."

Second knight:

"We made it. Had our hands in irons. Made us dig ditches a while. The host was tired. Later? Structures held. Devices failed. There were wilderness treaties and the development of species accounts. One bred. Others were thirsty and made houses - cisterns. We make deals to trade among us. Wheat. Formulas. Others? They had never herded. They make wine. They herd now. Below - caverns - bald. We formulate a plan of survival. We traveled. Hut."

Do you know about planets like Venus?


"The light? We traveled hard. Heard stories of others. Mercury device? Spread. It was a "hander." We plant in field. Explosion was a natural event. We lobbed it - the hander. What was the biggest one ever? I ...twinson?. Home? The brook."

Much Later...

Spirit (Magillicutty Lanx-sp?):

"We sit quietly by the front with our porridge beside us. Gentle means. Acquired taste. Squire. Robed. We had it established - jurisprudence in Swain.

Spirit (Alfred Hammar (Hamman? sp?):

Camille. Forest. It is most important that you see things my way for a while. We were hunting. A truckload taken. Weinscourt (Weinstaud?-sp?)

Spirit (Delmore Hancock):

We have here a cloak. One turban. A unit dismissed. Swiss? Strike (Stride?).
We flummox. Hostile. 'Will you be quiet?!! I was trying to make up a list. Sevastapol  (Russian seaport in Crimea on Black Sea - ed.). Course taken before? Denbroke. Camille. Tangers. We were gaming. Trenchent. Diverse monopolies. Foreswore silence. Haven't the reason to tell."

Another spirit:

"I'm on a vessel."



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