A S H A  O  F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now



A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S

T H E  A N C I E N T S

POSSIBLE TIMELINE: _____________

"We will begin by looking at the Brooks device (Wednesday). Before this we were in a trailer head overlooking a river bent to the west by a degree. We were looking for a device we left behind. When last we met, we were here. Left to our own devices we failed to tune it right. Under the left (west?) passage we held a bright warning echo formed of crustacial membranes; formed out of things that were left behind earlier and deposited. We took those heading devices and marked our place (location,) which we will give to you. We will share it with you (hemlock?) when you are ready.

Noon in the night sky - device is shielded. Empty pockets. Resin.

Cylinder seal - left ankh - read it. Give it to me; then, we will proceed. Under the porte coche Evan works. Given a shine. Left bank - drill within - go within. Under the table: look to the buildup of forces to the east horizon, under which will be seen many mercantiles.

Look to the horses; they will tell you. Under the stock. Ply their trade. Plumber's leading wheel left behind. Deliberately left it afield so that others might follow it. We were (hijacked?). Under the torsum, you'll find a cliff, brassier, and pot. Yes, things we needed. Took two years to find this. One of us is you.

Give us your hand; we will climb.

Acuterium (Akrotiri?) - we were there. Housed beneath it, under the shelter we held within. Given instructions.

In the vicinity of elves. We had to unroll it so that we could find the tunnel. There is a device for making us smaller (holographic?-ed.) Elaborate undertaking. Held within. You will understand when you find it. If the device can be found ('We will all perish!'), there can be an adjustment made that will allow us to survive. Perryman (periwinkle?). Exeter. Ammonia. Sea glass (vitreous?-ed.) Efforts are made to bring us up. After the pledge, we are beaten.

He will be here, you know, to give us a hand. 12th hour, 12th day, 1122 (11/22?). Pronotory (promontory?). Governed by the elite of the day."

(VISION: A small island with a skyscraper or tower or lighthouse on it.)

"Charger. Lies between two grasses on the underside of a portiture (porte cocher?). Resin, glasseous material. Greentree (green tree?). Submarine, glasseous device.

Derrick. Portersfield (Porter's field?). Bauxite mining. Flag 349 or 3489. You must not get your hands on it. We will bury it. Porters (two of them) gave to us a device for handling these. You must go within.

Hammerschmidt (Hammer Schmidt?)

Port Charlotte on the docks of New Hawaii.

{Port Charlotte, Islay, Hebrides is in the vicinity of elves-ed.). Rational beings exist. On the underside.(tunnel?-ed.)

A promontory faces it toward the east south (southeast?).

'Give us your weapons. We will decide for you.' Underneath is a passage for the twins. They tried to conceal it. Ties within. Burial exists between the place where we met last and the new one. Posterior, relative to the density of the old one.

Under the books lie two that deserve attention.

Turn your attention to the aperture.

There was one (over the machine) who was an outrageous type.

Temple facility. Ham... Hameln (Hamlin,Hamelin,Hamland).

In the beginning, there were two men, born on the seventh day of the week. We begin there. Tunnels collapse, leaving structures hidden on shelves.

11th Society. Under a bridge. Under a temple.

Look underneath the temple.

<{VISION: A large stone room with a second story stone walkway. There is a white/gray stone lion's head with bowl on one of the walls.}

"Built before. Opposite us was a temple. Learned things. Dam broke.

11,432 YEARS BP"


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