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The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
T H E  A N C I E N T S

DATE: MARCH 17, 2008

"We are Queracs (Kweraks?-sp?). A sportigan(sp?). Anfried. Jealousy emerges. We are plight. Their forces emerge after quelling dilemma. Forces arrange troops. Fellow says we unite."

Second Spirit:
"Arn (Arne). Godfried. Jealous companion. Enemies."

First spirit:
"They say you have taken flight. Argue against opposition forces. Unite to testify against you. We are forces of brethren from different countries. Pelican. We are heated. We make plans for decision. On the banks. A tearful fear (Fir?). We unite to bring children out. We unite to bring the country's best out of hazard's way. We umbrella. On the river north of you just ahead. The united forces against the brethren. Year? We have different calendar. 76?"

Another spirit:
"Broon(sp?). Wimshaw(sp?). Arabat(sp?) Bread. We are out of it. Made some later. We vanished. Out of sight. A night (knight?). Twelve of us departed. Went for shore. We gained force. After a week."

First spirit:
"The Arni's designed prison. We develop Brim. A query. Hours pass. We are freed. After a bit we make our way home again on the banks of the river Norn. Arni's had affliction."

Another spirit:
"We are fear (Fir?). I'm afraid I am grim to prospect of Legion. Courtesies extend beyond discount at hand. Promises made are easily broken. Conspired treaties break up again. Once more, we are imperiled. My family's kin... Shortages remain. Once we felt that need. Arni's impel us toward freedom."

"What is a Querac?"

"A shielded warrior."

"What is a sportigan?"

"A term dismissed now. Once a form of combat. A felon. A hazard. I was a crazy hothead once. A terror now reformed, of magic hands. We denounce the form now. My bride was a sport. A raid. (Arayd?) Province. Sing Said of the Pathua(sp?). We are hindered. Sport ones not allowed. A projectile of goats'herds. Swine feed, urinals. George Hap..."

Another spirit:
"We have two here. By the brook, we have Evan of the Gills and one Arne of Legion. Nary a plenty will say "when" but George had found a friend here. We might be one to say Holland by the nigh. A sport leads the way here on the edge. A mighty horse will sway them. Many had designed a bracket for fingers to place overhead."

Another spirit:
"If we might be able to have some attention. Look overhead at the one in the mirror. You might be able to bring an understanding to the twin above. Mortal combat brings pain along with habitat destruction. We need you... to bring a pair of "gooses afoot" - spring for the loose - give temper to dust. One of us needs to put an iron hand on the mood. Forest green has residue of combustion - one will be swift tempered in the garden of lust and desire. There are two people about to have sex there. A package between them becomes ignited. Flames light up in hand. Cook a book."

"Where are the remains today?"

"They fill a hole north of you in the lake at the bottom of a branch. One learned will bring to light. Many miles north, under the yoke. It was inhabited once by a strange breed of persons influential in their moods. Strength of hand and will. They were a people of plenty much and north."

Editor's note: The area for this story appears to cover the old lands of Holland and France at the time of old east norse lands (of Danish origin). Spirit references his calendar date of '76.



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