A S H A  O  F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
T H E  A N C I E N T S

POSSIBLE TIMELINE: _____________

"Lost the book...

For in of, we came from above. The records were like melded(melted?) sheers. Whence we came from Altenan (Alta Nan?) Altenan was growing. Henceforth, we came to see what would become of the rest of you, after which we left behind a few. Altenan is a growth planet. Behind you. Four planets to the left.

Barriers to resistance are Cain. Ask among you for the ones who came after the rest. Valley of the undertaking. Roosevelt. Journeys.

Feldspar. Avenues of descent. We are between this and the other. Two cycles. Worlds between.

Vestiges of the council. Troyes (Troy? or Trent?) 1415. Ischyaramous (Ischy a Remus?). We were sent to... the time before this... Policies. It started after the invasion. Mercedes.

We came here. We were torn asunder. Rebels. Both man-like beings - those who came here and those who were here.

Dross. Blood. The development of the species. All blood. Measured. The level of the blood or the type of blood indicating the level of the species - the ability of the species. Elephant, Cain, dagger. Antelope. Hyalea (or hyaline). Tree bearing. We came from above to be seen as the giants.

Left hand insignia. Left behind stratosphere. Left wrist. Markings and inscriptions on beings. Turmoil exists under the plains of Galymede (Ganymede?).

Out there (sky). Higher state of affairs. The Pillars of Galymede (Ganymede?). Company of soldiers. Sent here to uncover something. In the year of God, 17 Bewilderments. When a forest was still there. When all was green and men were seen as being young. Women were seen as queens. Buried their young. Celestial beings did alight. Carried away the many. Fourteen ships. Wavelengths. We are among the few that remained. The children. (Of celestials or humans?-ed.) It was a process. They were created. Once upon a time, we were all here.

1954. Dross. Alvin (Allen?) Mitchell. Lt. (Or Lt.C.-ed.)Eleven people for experiments. Barometer. Mines. Readings. Fort was sequestered. Hidden valley. Fields - grain."



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