A S H A  O  F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
T H E  A N C I E N T S

DATE: JUNE 24, 2008


First Spirit:
"Marxist area. We breed. Inhabit an old mining region. Hardy (hearty?-ed.) A United Front investment in warrants. A trial. A motion.

Phillip. Among us are the stones (Stones?). They bleed. A new head might turn out all right. Campbell. We try a filtration system which works through forest detail. As we've made our way back to plans, envelopes bring true disguise. Another breeds. Habria cinth (cinta?(sp?)

We will have twilight, an effect caused - euthanasia - seen as caused by film."

Second Spirit:
"Sustained... an empty... forests can meet. Brilliant. Demijohns are small. Sustains.

We... facility... We make curtains. Iron wright (right?). Field makes... for Germans. (iron curtain reference?-ed).

We make tribunal (Tribunal), a facility north. Lynch. It is one. Dilly.

We break... hands lit. Swift. We rely on tenets (Tenet's?). We have established a unity mission complex in understanding. We bring facilities to jugular of the region. We join others. We nightly crawl under the facility gates. Within lie the structures of curvaceous...

We believe nothing they say. We heard plenty. Mikes afield. Boris...

We make awake... he...Hardy (hearty? Harding?)

... of his regime... a meeting... handled in part. Twin barns. We meet twice. Then firm. Discord. Briefly felt a bridge. Disparity. Others form an ordinary bond. We make appearance cardinal.

We measure. Perry. State. Monitors. We make comparisons to our own. Gestures uneven. Higher levels are Dubuque. It is well on several levels. We believe in issuance of a curve. Below standards we fall.

Issuance... recovery... brooms. Mine sweeping turns. Energy recovery. Storms break. Nightly issuance of food.

Twilight sustains us as we travel along our way. Another will tempt. Haven't the bringing of this tale. Warrants a many. Dynasties are found having been frequently in repair under utilities forum.

Colgate. Waste... paper. The facility of speech compensatory. Amiable. The twin. Mildred. Another finds. We sustain danger clinical to disguise.

If you will please excuse me for a while, I might take a meal at hand. We nightly get a rest. In the field."



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