A S H A  O  F  A N T A R E S
Advanced PSI SINCE 1988

The Ancient Ones Speak Through Asha From The Future...Now


A S H A  O F  A N T A R E S
T H E  A N C I E N T S

DATE: JULY 28, 1998
POSSIBLE LOCATION: _______________

"Regarding artifacts.

At least one is on Earth. Find it between the ramparts of a ship. The Spirit. The skeleton of someone lying down and the atmosphere is reddish; the arms are crossed. We were murdered. Have to be found. Under.... (bridge?)

Belgium (or Elgin, or Belgian Congo?). Events that happened. There were two. Explosion? Not in this lifetime.

People went to Galymede (Ganymede?) before. Others have other names for it. We are on Cignon now.

Devastating event on other planet was _________ years ago.

It is important in the scheme of things. There are remnants here. We came back to get things. We are looking. We have things to do. Material things; many projects. People can help a little. We'll let you know. There is not enough you can do. We must take control.

{VISION: Rocket-shaped ships with writing on the exterior.}

{RETURN TO TEXT} A pronouncement of who we are and our intentions for any who read it. Our intentions are to colonize and to return. Seeds. A seeding project. Traveling from a location between the 7th spectrum on an axis with the first. The ships are transports coming to Earth. To a corridor near Labrador. Approximately ten years if not sooner.

{VISION: Man with beard, largish nose and flat hat with something in his hand. This is not one of the "gray's" ships. He looks human. Then there is seen a wall of glass with something etched on the glass. Something is in Arizona.)

(RETURN TO TEXT}   Some of the artifacts we are looking for... we know where they are and some of them we are still looking for...

There is a focus on the waters around Labrador and Nova Scotia. Shiny... silvery... we hid it. There were others coming. We didn't want them to find it. We need to find it. Our efforts are hampered. Coast New York to Labrador. Dinosaurs. We've said Labrador twice. Along that waterway. Under that water's edge. There will be silt. Never said it will be easy or it would have been done before. Also, something is to be found in the southwest of North America, but not yet. 'You'll find us under the bay in almost a tributary. Left deliberately the last time we were here. The world ws different then. Some things have changed.'

Egypt? Slightly to east. We were swept under by the devastation. Little of us remains, but there are still remains, if you know where to look. But, we also had places around Persian Gulf country. Not as far north as Turkey. Turkey was later. We did many great projects there, but it was later. We were proud of the garden projects. We beamed. They were so beautiful. They did such good work. The projects were large. Not just small gardens. We took pride in them; we thought they were beautiful. There was water damage. Waves of water came over us. Inundation. Then big winds. Big winds. And cold air. Really cold air. This took time. Didn't happen overnight. We fell. We were three, our group. Everything was so pretty. What happened to it?! Even though one tries to remember, it's hard. Many things have happened since. Gardens. We had gardens. Many gardens. It was pretty. It was beautiful. Not like today. It was not sand. Not when we were here. Time has changed it. I see only my memories and a little piece more. It's split. It's hard to see the two. The desert underneath us, when we flew over it, there was battling; there was fighting when there was desert. I had two daughters. They were both brunette. We left some of our people there. That's part of what we came back for, our dead, their remains and names of dead on wood. Yes, we are in form, matter. Not spirit form. We can think, but we are in form. You might be a little frightened of us, but not really. You would know. You would know we are coming first and it would not be as big a surprise as you think. It's important for us to be found at this time. When we say "us," we mean members of our race and these are members of our race now deceased. There are also some bodies in Florida, by the beach. Bodies are buried either naturally or unnaturally. You'd have to dig them up. The area was different then.

There is a ship under the wadi. Not under a pyramid. Arizona? Northwest quarter of the state. There's a site that you may not have found yet where there are remains under the sand. They are a little bit preserved.

North pole was important; the northerly region.

The ship's writing reads 'we come in peace.' That's what some of the message says.


There are diagrams you must pull up in your memory. On glass. It's our plan. You don't understand it because you don't speak our language. Sites. Places we need to go. A map. Some are missile sites, up and down. Numerous. We have no use for them. We don't need them. But we don't like them. They're dangerous. To man. To the colonizers. We are mapping their intentions, as well as their locations. Cabinet meeting. One of them is at 106 degrees west, 16 minutes, 24 seconds."



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